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heard you say you were from Colorado i knew i had to reach out. I was born in Longmont, Colorado and now live down by lake texoma in Oklahoma.. Great job your doing man.. Email me and i would like to tell you some interesting stuff you would really enjoy.. See you on tonight in the chat room.. Looking forward to Dr. Miller this friday! Have a great day! your buddy! Brent

I want to participate.

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Hi Wayne,

I notice u no longer talk about planet x related subjects! Are u not believing it to be truth ?


Hi There,
I would like to be a part of 60seconds4humanity & learn about the volunteering opportunities I could help with please? I am studying a degree in metaphysics & find Mr Steiger very inspiring,

Kind Regards,


eek show tonight with Jeff. I found Jeff a few months back after watching him on Rex's channel.I know your time is limited so i hope i am not bothering you too much. I love how you seem to have little to no ego and i can't tell you how refreshing that is. Much love Wayne. Take good care.... Daryl Stillwell

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