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How we started
60seconds4humanity was born out of the frustration our Founder R. Wayne Steiger felt when he continued to see the escalations in violence, more killings of more and more innocent people, hatred increasing in every part of society and fear becoming a normal part of life. He realized that he was but one person and felt helpless, as most people do, in being able to do anything to stop the Insanity.

All throughout Nature there exists a Collective Consciousness; this can be observed easily with Living Cells, to insects such as Bees and Ants, to animals of every kind and in humans evidenced by events that impacted us on a global scale most often when tragedy strikes and grief is shared amongst our Species.

It has been observed and recorded in other events of the past that would appear to have an amazing results on a global scale, one such event was the We Are The World concert event for Africa that brought all Peoples of all the Races together to focus on one thought, this event took place in 1985 and history does show some amazing things occurred after this event namely a wave of optimism that swept through our Species.  Today we have technology that was not imagined in 1985, maybe we can do this on a much grander scale and we see yet grander results.
60seconds4humanity is about bringing all Peoples of every Race to come together to make this Grandest Experiment a reality let all Humankind from all corners of the Earth join together in a unified thought for 60 seconds and then let us all watch together to see what happens next.
60seconds4humanity Mission is to bring 5 billion people together at the same time, with the same thought for 60 seconds.


60seconds4humanity mission is to bring 5 billion people together at the same time united with the same thought. This has never been done in recorded history; never has Humanity gathered together in unified Thought.  Collective Consciousness, does Humanity possess such a thing?  There is enough foundation to support the theory that a Collective Consciousness does exists but until now there was no way to test such a theory on such a grand scale and the technology was not ready to handle such a task until very recently.  Just the coming together will be a celebration for all Humanity and maybe the way we can begin to take the next step to reverse the killing, the violence and the hatred.  What is our alternative, more of the same we see every day? We can change the direction Humanity is heading with just a Thought.  Be part of History by signing up and become part of a positive solution by supporting 60seconds4humanity.


What is going to happen?

What we know for sure is that for 60 seconds Humanity can come together in unified thought with all people around the World for 60 seconds. With 5 billion people there will one minute of HARMONY. That alone makes this a worthy goal for all of us on this Earth.  We see this becoming an annual event where the numbers will grow larger and WE will become better at unifying together.


Scientific Measurement

By the number of active participants using our Mobile app and Website we can measure and record how many people are actually taking part of this history making event. We will be working with leading Experts in the science, academic and theology fields of study to validate all results.


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The Date

11/11/17 @11:11 am/pm

From the Founder R. Wayne Steiger

It is said that the efforts of one never goes unnoticed and for the first year of our journey of Awareness for 60seconds4humanity we made some remarkable achievements because of you we have sent a message for all of Humanity a message of Hope for all people on planet Earth.  All of you showed that Humanity can united together if but for 60 seconds each year and from here we know it will become a daily Thought for all of Humanity.

Our non-profit organization is small and not funded but despite this 60seconds4humanity had Thought Projectors on 11-11-17 on every Continent and we carried the THOUGHT for 24 hours around our planet even in Tonga there was 60seconds4humanity not bad for a sprout but we are not staying a sprout, our SOS Send Our Seed is planted in the fertile grounds of Humanity and we grow. 

I look forward with great Hope and anticipation to 2018, you showed this can be done for WE DID IT Together and now more will join us for they know this is real and can be done.

We welcome all those new to our journey and thank you for spreading the word of 60seconds4humanity helping Humanity by joining one to Thought to Another.

R. Wayne Steiger


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We encourage community discussions and as we grow our Forums will reflect this as we kick-off our launch we will be using our Facebook page as one of those forums we will using. Please to make sure to sign the guest book let the world know you support 60seconds4humanity.

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